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Supplies needed

  • Plastic wrapped frozen fish

  • Shipping box

  • Foam insulation / Styrofoam

  • Newspaper / insulating material. 

  • Shipping label.

  • Ice, dry ice or Ice Packs.

  • Do not gut your fish.

  • Wrap it in plastic.

  • Freeze your fish.

  • Choose an appropriate size box for your fish. 

  • Cut 6 foam pieces to fit the box.

  • Place foam in all 5 sides of the box.

  • Crumble newspaper and freeze it.

  • Place your frozen fish in the box.

  • Put ice packs or plastic wrapped ice / dry ice

  • Fill voids with frozen newspaper.

  • Put the last piece of foam on top of the fish and seal the box.  Contact us when you are going to ship it.

  • *Ship it to us, we contact you when we receive it.

Print instructions

*Winter months shipping 2nd day air usually works fine. The rest of the year overnight is best.

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